Can you sell by owner
 be on the MLS?






How does this work?


Simple as 1-2-3


1) Contact the agent to setup a time to have the paperwork done 


2) The agent schedules the photo session and collects your property information


3) Make the upfront payment of $990 and then we take it from there.




Question: What does the $990 get me?  


  • Agent representation! (All the help you may need at the level you require)

  • The ability to still sell by owner! (If you sell without the agent, you don't owe him another dime)!

  • Professional photos and advertising by

  • Increased exposure via the sites that feed off the MLS (,,, and countless more)!

  • And, the best part is you are listed *until the property sells!

Question: Do I "have" to pay a commission?

Answer: Only if the agent or another agent sells the property. If you sell it - you do not owe a commission!


Question: You state it will be a "reduced" commission... What is the rate?

Answer: Depending on the options you choose - the commission will be anywhere from 3.4% to 3.8%...(Almost half of the competitor's rate or less)! Please contact the agent for details on rates & services.


Question: Will this work with any agent/brokerage?

Answer: Only if the agent/broker is willing to provide the same program at the same reduced rate (which is very unlikely).


Question: What do I need to do to prepare the home?

Answer:   Make sure the property is "photo ready" Click here for tips


Question: How successful is this program?

Answer:   Very! But, if you want more proof -> click here to view current ads & some of our recently sold properties.



For information about the mls listing, Please contact the agents via the information listed below:

Schramm and Associates Inc.
3456 Holiday Court
Bettendorf, IA 52722

Ia Office: 563-332-9110

IL Office: 309-788-4990

 Joseph Schramm 

 Managing Broker

 Cell: 563-340-2409

 Troy Vavrosky


 Cell: 563-293-3161

Click here to visit the agents website

For information pertaining to the online ad & photography, please visit

Home Show Tours Inc.

P.O Box 257 Colona, IL 61241


Click here to visit


And, finally... for the fine print & disclaimers
(we made it large enough for you to actually read because we do not have anything to hide)


*If the seller pulls the ad at any time, the ad would have to be renewed in order to be placed back on the website. If the MLS contract is terminated with said agent, the ad will be removed as well. When you choose the MLS package, the property "is" listed with WHY USA Schramm and Associates,  an IL-IA licensed agent/broker. Please contact the broker or visit the broker's website for any questions and further details.